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C5 Corvette Oil Pan

This 2-piece gm oil Pan taylor-rips-corvette from 1997-2004 is made from high-quality materials and is designed to provide years of service, it comes with a wing that is in the shape of a "5" and is made of heavy-gauge wood. This Pan is also made of heavy-gauge wood and has a textured finish, it is available in two colors: black and silver.

Pan Gasket Set

For Chevrolet G20 K10 G30



Drain Plug Screw Bolt Sump Nut Accessories M14x1.5
Pan Gasket Set  P/n - Os 5197 C-5
Pan Drain Plug Screw Bolt Washer Kit
Pan Gasket Set For 62-80 Chevrolet Gmc Bel Air 4.6l 5.7l Ohv

DNJ PG3101 Oil Pan Gasket

By DNJ Engine Components


Pan Gasket Set Os 5197 C-5
Drain Plug Screw Nut Bolt Oil Drain Sump Nut M14x 1.5mm Magnetic

1* Engine Oil Drain Plug

By Unbranded


Corvette Oil Pan

The oem Pan for the 97-04 corvette, this Pan is made out of heavy-duty materials and features a stylish design. The Pan is also weatherproof and can last for years, this item is a must-have for any C5 corvette! This Pan features a features that help keep your oil clean and polished. The Pan is also a good place to store your oil while you work on your car, this aluminum gray Pan is perfect for your 1999 C5 chevrolet corvette. It is made of durable aluminum and has a proud black stripe with gray, the Pan is also easy to clean - just clean it with soap and water. This is a great replacement for your favorite Pan as it has a hard-shell design and is made of durable materials, this Pan has a bright red color and is about 2" wide by 2" deep. It has two set-up screws and is made of strong materials that will never your engine.