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Portable Waste Oil Heater

The mx-200 Waste oil fired Heater is a key piece of equipment for the Portable Waste oil Heater set up in an effort to heat up your engine, with its 200000 btus it is guaranteed to heat up your engine quickly and easily.

Cheap Portable Waste Oil Heater

This is a Portable Waste oil Heater that we can send your Waste oil in the direction of you desire, it is a great tool to transfer Waste oil to your burning device. The Portable Waste oil Heater can be placed in any where from your home room to the office, and it contains no batteries or cords, it is also lightweight and easy to carry around. This 12-horsepower Heater can move the Waste oil from the garage to the fuel dock quickly and easily, this is an 12 hp machine that will help you burn off the energy usage from your Waste oil boiler. The machine is also portable, so it can be easily carried with you wherever you go, furnace, and fireplace. It is made from plastic and metal, and it is Portable and easy to store.