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Pelonis Oil Filled Heater

The Pelonis oil-filled radiant Heater is a temperature-controlled Heater that uses none of your heat input, it's open-box available at just you'll love the Pelonis system's ability to quickly adjust heat levels, and the easy-to-repair design.

Pelonis Oil Filled Radiator Heater

The Pelonis electric 1500 w oil Filled radiator Heater with safety protection led features cubic flakes of Pelonis oil in the design and heat sink, the Heater is equipped with two transformers and is compatible with both flat and radiators. It is easy to operate with a push button start and can be stored in the fridge for use in colder weather, the Pelonis oil-filled radiant Heater is a great choice for a home's energy needs. With its Pelonis oil and oil lamps, this Heater provides a warm, inviting glow, the digital interface makes it easy to manage your burns and keep track of how much power you've used. Also, the Pelonis oil-filled Heater comes with a five-year warranty, the Pelonis oil-filled Heater is perfect for hot days or a cold 158-degrees f apartment. With its electric safety protection led, this Heater is perfect for home-theater or movie premieres, the Pelonis oil-filled Heater is a high-end, portable, digital electric space Heater that can run on oil-filled radiant energy. This Heater has an 1500-watt power rating and is perfect for home and small office applications, the Heater also includes a built-in fan to keep the air conditioning on and running all the time.