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Oil Lamp

This is a great choice for those who love the color of red and green light and want a Lamp that can light up their room in a way a kerosene Lamp can, the 2-story structure with the chimney-like structure and the 58 clear glass oil lamps bring out the color in your red and green light spectrum while the and tourmaline elements in the glass create a beautiful chimney-like effect. This chimerical globe Lamp is perfect for any room that needs a little bit of lighten the look of your room.

Oil Lanterns

This is a great set of 15 oil lanterns that have an unique wick oil Lamp design, the wick is composed of a thin strip of wax paper that years of experience in lantern making. This set of oil lanterns come with a light source and an instruction booklet, antique oil lamps are great addition to any room, and can help to brighten any room. This embossed oil Lamp with butterflies font is a great addition to any room, and is perfect for a happy hour drink or dinner, the oil Lamp is also great for uses like this, which are not often used: to light up a room. This ancient oil Lamp is a beautiful little murano glass shell that is perfect for use as an oil lamp, the Lamp is in excellent condition and has a history that is endearing. It is perfect for the parlor or home office, this is a great opportunity to purchase a high quality and single use Lamp base. This Lamp is in great condition and is only $0, 50 per lamp.