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Candle Fragrance Oils

Looking for a convenient and affordable that makes natural scents for soaps? Then look no more than Candle position! We offer Fragrance oils for use in natural soaps and candles, as well as incenses and perfume warmer tools, our products are designed for a suitor who wants to create a fresh and natural.

~ For Candle, Soap, Lotion, Bath & Body & Crafts

Cotton Candy Fragrance Oil ~

By Jess Mae Candle Supply


For Candle Soap Perfume Making Body Hair & More

Scented Fragrance Oil For Candle

By Mayan's secret


For Diffusers, Aroma And Burning Lamp, Candles
4 oz Candle Scent Oil-TOM FORD OUD WOOD TYPE

4 oz Candle Scent Oil-TOM

By Unbranded


Scented Oils

Our 4 oz Fragrance oils for soap bath bomb incenses make a delicious and scented soap making tea, our incense is manufactured with admiration from the best ingredients, so you can be sure your soap bath bomb is full of a terrific scents. Looking for a scented oil that will add a bit of fun and excitement to your Candle soap recipes? Then research this list of keywords for scented oil items, you'll find items with keywords such as cedar wood, fig, rose, and jasmine. These keywords will help you find the right scented oil for your needs! Our fruit loops type soap Fragrance oil is fantastic for candles and Candle making, this oil is rich in citrus and floral scents which will make your products smell incredible. This Candle scent oil is manufactured from the to of lavender and sandalwood, it is merge of lavender oil and cumin seeds. The oil is then cold-pressed from the fruit of the lavender plant, the lavender and sandalwood scents are blended with a touch this Candle Fragrance oil is best for a scent for a Candle or incense use.