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Egyptian Musk Oil Wholesale

Looking for a fresh and virgin Egyptian musk? You've come to the right site! Our body oil is hand-dipped in and offers you a variety of colors and textures to choose from, make sure to check out our all-natural and vegan ingredients too.

Top 10 Egyptian Musk Oil Wholesale

If you're looking for an excellent quality Egyptian Musk oil, then you've come to the right place, offers 2 oz and 4 oz versions of this product, as well as 16 oz and 4 sizes. All of our oils are made with the highest quality ingredients and contain no harsh chemicals, we hope you'll choose our oil from now on to your Musk system. Egyptian Musk Wholesale body oil is a high quality, fragrance-free, and non-toxic oil that is perfect for keeping your skin looking and feeling its best, this muscle oil is made from 100% Egyptian Musk and is derived from the most sustainable source of these flowers, the scented Egyptian Musk is gentle on the skin, providing a rich and deep flavor that will leave you with hungrily requesting more. This Egyptian Musk is an 12-ounce bottle and 12-pound bottle each, we offer free shipping on orders over 8 ounces. Egyptian Musk oil is a natural, essential oil choice for anyone looking for a refreshing, scintillating thieves oil, this Musk oil is pure, commissioned product, so comes with a guaranteed freshness and freshness at a fraction of the price. Egyptian Musk oil is a rich, deep green oil with smells like flowers and jasmine, it is blend with other scents to create an unique scent. This oil is hand-pressed and then cold-pressed, it findings that the plantain does not prefer to be cold-pressed.